Free DIY Checklist

Is My Pool Safe?

Will It Be Compliant To NSW Swimming Pool Laws?

1point2 has provided this free checklist as a guide. It is only a guide because pool safety laws are very comprehensive.

  • The points in this checklist guide are the most common issues that come up when we do pool inspections.
  • This checklist combined with the NSW Swimming Pool register self-assessment checklists will help you prepare for your inspection.
  • You can even email it to us when you book an inspection.
  • Do not worry if you don’t tick all the boxes below, and don’t feel overwhelmed by all the regulations.
  • 1Point2 is here to answer your questions and our inspections include a detailed easy to follow report.

1Point2 Pool Safety Experts

Swimming pool and spa inspection. Selling or leasing your property, we help you achieve compliance and safety. 1Point2 Safety are E1 Certifiers , providing exceptional customer service and professional helpful advice.

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