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Book Inspection

Book a pool inspection through our website. Click here to fill the easy online booking form.

Select either a Pool or Spa Safety inspection for compliance or non-compliance certificate. This will also get your pool registered and a full detailed report.


Confirm Appointment

We work around you for an inspection appointment after hours, weekends we’re here to help.

Simply select your preference in the booking form.


Onsite Inspection

If your pool spa is non-compliant we will provide you with a detailed report with easy to follow instructions on what work is required to make your pool or spa meet standards. This must be completed within 6 weeks.

When you have completed the repairs contact us for another inspection, re-inspections are at a much lesser charge than the initial inspection.
We can also take care of the communication with council on your behalf and make the process very easy and trouble free for you.


Get Certificate

When your pool spa meets all the NSW standards and laws a Certificate of Compliance will be issued through the New South Wales Swimming Pool Register.

To be best prepared for your pool inspection please read the pool Safety Checklist page.

1Point2 Pool Safety Experts

Swimming pool and spa inspection. Selling or leasing your property, we help you achieve compliance and safety. 1Point2 Safety are E1 Certifiers , providing exceptional customer service and professional helpful advice.

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