NSW Pool Laws

Know About Pool Laws

NSW Pool Laws

There are a few reasons you should get your swimming pool or spa inspected and compliant.

  1. You’re selling, leasing or buying a property with a pool or spa.
  2. You received a letter from your council regarding getting your swimming pool and/or spa inspected.
  3. You want peace-of-mind that your pool area is safe for your loved one.

To get an inspection done, the council can come to your property and do the inspection. Or a professional pool certifier from 1point2 Pool Safety can do your inspection. We provide a detailed report, photos and guidance to getting your pool complaint.

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From 29 April 2016 new laws apply to properties with a swimming pool in NSW.

The reason for these changes is to further protect the safety of children under the age of five around backyard swimming pools.

If you’re selling, buying or leasing a property with a pool your pool has to be registered and either be certified with a compliant or non-compliant certificate. A compliance certificate is valid for 3 years. So in every 3 years, you will need an inspection.

  • At 1point2 we help you achieve a safe and compliant swimming pool area.
  • Our aim is to help you pass your inspection the First Time!
  • and if not, we offer re-inspections at a very low price, only $99!

We have provided links below for all the NSW laws and regulations below. Yes, there is a lot to go through and it’s best to leave it to us to do a thorough inspection.

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Now for the NSW laws and regulations in more details.

Click bellow to download the Swimming Pool Register FAQ PDF

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