Terms & Conditions

– Payment for inspection must be made prior to inspection.
– We only inspect pools in accordance with the current 2012 Australian Standards. As per the NSW Fair Trading criteria for the ‘savings act’ to be applied, no pool would be able to be inspected under previous regulations. You will find this the same with all certifiers.
– The above is one of the reasons that is more common to be issued a non-compliance notice as opposed to a compliance certificate. In NSW we have very strict pool laws which must be adhered to as they are written. Therefore, it is crucial to read the below. If you unsure or have questions, please contact out customer service team for help.
РIf you do not have a pool fence between the house and pool area, have a mal-functioning or no pool gate, direct access into the pool area, i.e. no effective pool barrier; as per the pool laws this is considered high-risk and the certifier is legally obligated to inform the council immediately after the inspection. Part (iii) below, council reporting; standard non-compliance is reported after 6 weeks, high-risk non-compliance is reported immediately.
– The Swimming Pools Act 1992 requires private swimming pool owners to ensure their pool is at all times surrounded by a child-resistant barrier that separates the swimming pool from the property as well as any public or private place adjoining the property.
– If you are able to do so, fix the simple things before your inspection. For example; if your resuscitation sign is more than 18 months old and does not contain the wording at the top with Children must “ACTIVELY” supervised, install a new sign inside the pool area. Move any pot plants and furniture along outside of pool fence.

The certifiers’ legal requirements:
(i) The Certifier is accredited under the Building and Development Certifiers Regulation 2020 and is authorised to carry out inspections of swimming pools and to issue certificates of compliance under the Swimming Pools Act 1992.
(ii) The Certifier will perform all work necessary to comply statutory requirements including:
– inspecting the swimming pool and taking photos for report.
– updating the property record on the NSW Swimming Pool Register as required.
– assessing whether the swimming pool compiles with the requirements for the issue of a certificate of compliance under s.22D Swimming Pools Act 1992.
(iii) Compliance & non-compliance under the ACT:
– if the swimming pool complies issuing a certificate of compliance.
– if the swimming pool does not comply issuing a certificate of non-compliance.
– if the swimming pool is non-compliance sending a s.22E notice to the council in accordance Swimming Pools Act 1992 indicating the items of non-compliance. (Normally 6 weeks or immediately if swimming pool deemed a ‘risk to public safety’)
(iv) if a re-inspection is required, fee from $150 (if conducted for same owner within 6 weeks, otherwise will be charged at normal rate).

– certifier details:
Tony Jardak
0419 217 027
Winston Hills
Lic #: bdc2963
Ins pol#: ARPI9402/ASR
Ins exp: 03/04/2024

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